Serviced apartments vs hotels: what is the difference?

dining table Sheffield city centre serviced apartment

Serviced apartments vs hotels: what is the difference?

With so many choices of accommodation available, when planning your next trip, would you consider booking a serviced apartment, such as an Airbnb for example, or a traditional hotel? It can be hard to know what the differences are and which one is more suitable for you. In this blog, we will explore the main differences between serviced apartments and hotels and hopefully provide clarity on your expectations of both.

What are the differences between serviced apartments and hotel rooms?

Living space

This is one of the most significant differences between staying in a hotel and a serviced apartment. Hotel rooms are just rooms, big or small in a serviced block. It can feel luxurious but can also feel cramped, especially in city centres where spaces command more of a premium. Space is often limited, especially for business travellers who want to work while away from home.

In Comparison, a serviced apartment is a whole property with its own kitchen, bedroom and living space, making them ideal for business travellers or people who prefer having the space to spread out and relax. They range from one-bedroom apartments to larger houses. The larger properties usually come with their own driveway and private garden, making them especially suitable for groups, contractors, or a large family. With serviced apartments you get more space and freedom for socialising.


The vast majority of hotel rooms don’t include a kitchen. So, you’ll be relying on eating out or pricey room service for the entirety of your stay.

However, serviced apartments include a fully equipped kitchen as standard, with all the equipment you need to cook your own meals. You can eat whatever you want whenever you want and aren’t restricted to set meal times or menus!

Furniture and equipment

Hotel rooms usually come with an ensuite bathroom, a bed, and tv for entertainment. Some may provide costly laundry services, but few hotel rooms have laundry facilities.

Serviced apartments include everything you would find at home, from a washing machine to a desk to work at. So, you have everything you need to work, relax, and cook.


One of the main reasons why people love to stay in hotels when they travel is the amazing amenities around due to their convenient locations. Most hotels offer room service, a fully stocked mini-bar and an on-site restaurant. Some may even provide a buffet breakfast or a swimming pool!

Serviced apartments can potentially offer you the best of both worlds. You can choose to eat out at a local restaurant or cafe. Or you can choose to show off your cooking skills to your group of friends and/or family and eat in. Plus you may find that the area most serviced apartments are located in are close by to everything you’ll need such as shops, entertainment venues, luscious greenery and more!


Rooms are typically cleaned daily in hotel rooms, and guests are provided with fresh, clean towels.

Same as hotels, guests of Serviced Apartments are also provided with the essentials such as towels and cleaning usually happens once every week or every fortnight. Whilst daily cleaning is available, it does usually come at an additional cost. But you get to live truly how you live at home with no interruptions.

Length of stay

Hotels are typically designed for shorter stays ranging from one night to maybe a two-week trip max. Due to its confined nature, most people would struggle to stay in a single room with no laundry or kitchen facilities for more than a few weeks.

In comparison, serviced apartments are much more flexible and you feel comfortable for as long as you need it. That’s what home away from home is all about.

Are short-stay apartments better than hotels?

We may be biassed, but we believe serviced apartments are the clear winner for extended stays where you can benefit from all the comforts of home while you’re away. But what about serviced apartments for short stays? Serviced apartments can still be the better option for shorter stays. This is especially true if you’re travelling for work or business. A serviced apartment gives you a separate space to conduct business meetings, video calls, or get some work done.

They’re also perfect for groups or families who want to stay together. Larger serviced apartments have enough space for everyone to have their own room, plus a communal area for the group to eat and relax together!

Couples or individual travellers who want more space and the facilities to cook their own food will also prefer self-catered accommodation. You receive the high standards of cleanliness and servicing usually associated with a hotel, combined with the space and convenience of a private apartment.

Serviced apartments in Sheffield

If you’re planning a trip to Sheffield for leisure or business, then Snug House can help. We have a range of homely serviced apartments and houses available for short-term and longer-term stays.

All of our self-catered apartments come with super-fast broadband making them ideal for business travellers. They’re all conveniently located, making visiting the city centre for meetings or sightseeing easy. Plus, they come with weekly cleaning services and complimentary toiletries.

Here’s a list of exactly what you can expect from our serviced apartments:

24-hour check-in, so you can quickly check in even if you arrive late at night.

l  A digital city guide on Sheffield’s best restaurants, shops, and activities.

l  A washing machine, iron, ironing board and airer so you can do laundry during longer stays.

l  Easy access to nearby parking or on site parking, whether you’ve brought your own car or hired one.

l  Complimentary toiletries, including shampoo, body wash, and hand wash.

l  Superfast WiFi that can be accessed across the whole property.

l  Comprehensive cleaning every seven days, plus fresh towels and high-quality linen.

The option to convert King beds into two single beds (and vice versa) in some of our apartments.

l  Pre-installed Netflix and amazon prime on our high-definition smart TVs.

A fully equipped kitchen so you can easily cook all your favourite meals.

If you want the convenience of a hotel combined with all the comfort of home, check out our range of serviced apartments in Sheffield. Or, find out more about us and the services we offer.