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Snug House represents properties predominantly in Sheffield but has a strong interest in procuring properties in cities across the UK too. If you are looking to benefit from higher returns from your traditional family lets, we present a perfect partnership which you can benefit from.

We offer the option of a flexible commission arrangement, or a fixed income arrangement, for the exclusive use of your property as short term rentals. There are many benefits to both options and we would be delighted to discuss these with you in greater detail.

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Both arrangements provide full property management and housekeeping services. We remove the hassle of being a private landlord and make it easy and stress free to rent out your home or investment property. 

Allowing us to list your property as one of our Snug House rental properties eliminates having to deal with tenancy agreements. With the demand for short term, serviced accommodation being an alternative to hotels growing ever bigger for both working professionals and travellers alike, listing your property with Snug House makes complete sense.

Gone are the days of waiting for an agency keeping you updated on prospective tenants. Turn your property into Snug House accommodation today and enjoy guaranteed rent on all rentals. 

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