What is a serviced apartment? The future of working away from home

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What is a serviced apartment? The future of working away from home

Although serviced apartments aren’t new, you still might not have heard of them. Often they are simply labelled as ‘apartments’ on online booking sites. However, in recent years they have become more popular as they can be a homely alternative to traditional hotels.

Still, you might wonder, “What is a serviced apartment?” and ” How do they work?”. This blog will tell you everything you need to know about serviced apartments and why they’re rapidly gaining popularity. 

What is a serviced apartment?

Put simply, a serviced apartment is furnished accommodation with more space and facilities than a hotel. It’s often described as a home away from home. 

They are usually available for short or medium-term stays for business or leisure travellers. Serviced apartments offer various amenities, weekly housekeeping and cleaning services, and usually include utilities. Some even provided added benefits like complimentary Netflix or helpful city guides.

How do serviced apartments work?

Serviced apartments operate in a way designed to maximise ease and convenience. They combine the best aspects of hotels and self-catered accommodation, so you get the space and privacy of an apartment with regular housekeeping and cleaning. Many offer a 24-hour check-in service which is incredibly convenient for travellers arriving late at night. 

All quality serviced apartments should provide housekeeping for longer stays. Unlike self-catered accommodation, serviced apartments usually include weekly cleaning services to make your life easier. This ensures you have more time to focus on your work or sightseeing without stressing about cleaning while you’re away from home.

All serviced apartments should have a fully equipped kitchen. If you fancy cooking a midweek meal, you can easily cook it while away. This gives you complete control over when and what you eat. You might be restricted to set meal times at a hotel, but serviced accommodation means you can eat anytime!

Benefits of choosing a serviced apartment

There are many benefits of serviced apartments compared to other types of accommodation. 

Serviced apartments: 

  • offer a lot of freedom and flexibility. You can check in and out at any time of day – just like your own home. Because it’s a private apartment, you can come and go as you please and keep your own schedule.
  • have a lot of space compared to hotels. A hotel room can feel cramped and difficult to work in for business travellers, especially if you want a separate space to be productive. Serviced apartments typically have a separate living space and one or more bedrooms. So, you benefit from more space, comfort, and privacy. 
  • are more homely than hotels. You can relax, work and cook just like you would at home. If you go on frequent business trips, a serviced apartment can be a welcome change from living out of a suitcase in a tiny hotel room.
  • come fully equipped. A quality serviced apartment should come with a fully equipped kitchen. They should also have a washing machine, clothes airer, iron, and ironing board. You don’t need to rely on expensive dry cleaners or go out for dinner; a serviced apartment has everything you need. 
  • are extremely convenient. You can choose between cooking at home or eating out, depending on what’s easiest for you. If you are keen on eating out, serviced apartments are often in convenient city-centre locations, so you have an expanse of tasty options on your doorstep. 
  • can be an affordable alternative to hotels, especially for medium-term stays. Staying in a hotel for an extended period can be expensive because hotels are designed for short-term stays. Serviced apartments often work out cheaper than hotels for longer-length stays, plus you don’t need to rely on room service and eating out. 

Are serviced apartments suitable for business trips?

Serviced apartments aren’t just for leisure travellers, they are also perfect for business travellers. They give you all the space and comfort of home, making them ideal for extended business trips.

Staying in a serviced apartment means the hassle of a long check-in at a hotel is completely eliminated. You also benefit from more space and privacy to take client calls or get some admin done. Plus, serviced apartments usually come with superfast WiFi!

With a serviced apartment, you get the ease and convenience of regular housekeeping like a hotel but all the freedom and comfort of an apartment. You get the best of both worlds!

Serviced apartments in Sheffield 

If you are thinking about booking a serviced apartment in Sheffield, Snug House can help. We offer high-quality, homely apartments for business and leisure travellers and have a range of apartments across Sheffield. 

All of our self-catered apartments are conveniently located with easy access to parking so you can get out and about. We provide weekly housekeeping services for stays over seven days so you can relax without worrying about cleaning. 

Here’s a list of exactly what you can expect from our serviced apartments:

  • 24-hour check-in and helpful guest support should you need anything during your stay.
  • A valuable digital city guide with details on the best activities, shops, and places to eat. 
  • A washing machine, iron, ironing board and airer so you can do laundry during longer stays.
  • Complementary toiletries such as shampoo, body wash and hand wash.
  • Superfast WiFi makes it easy for you to stay connected and get some work done.
  • Cleaning every seven days and fresh towels and high-quality linen. 
  • Flexible bed arrangements meaning we can turn some of our double beds into two singles if that suits you better. 
  • Pre-installed complementary Netflix makes relaxing after a long day of working or exploring the nearby Peak District easy. 
  • A fully equipped kitchen makes it easy to cook your favourite recipes while away from home. 

If you want all the convenience of a hotel combined with the space and comfort of an apartment in a convenient Sheffield city centre location, check out our range of apartments. Or, if you want to know more about what we do, have a look at the services we offer.