Unusual Sights And Activities Unique To Sheffield

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Sheffield is quickly emerging as not only one of the hottest places to visit in Yorkshire but a central hub of entertainment, business and staycations, aided by an exceptional network of serviced apartments to ensure that guests to this great city get the experience they deserve.

Once they are here in Sheffield, however, the biggest highlight is just how unique the city is and how this history, character and personality is reflected in all of the activities you can do there.

Whilst there are all kinds of conventional amenities, if you want a unique experience, here are just a few suggestions to get yourself started.

Holly Hagg Community Farm

Based in nearby Crosspool, Holly Hagg is not only surrounded by absolutely beautiful natural vistas but also famously features a herd of alpacas and llamas that are part of a guided trek around the surrounding landscape.

The only issue is that it has become a victim of its own success and anyone who wants to go on an alpaca trek will need to book in advance to avoid being disappointed.

The Old Queens Head

Named after Mary Queen of Scots and somehow even older, the Old Queen’s Head is a 15th-century domestic building and the oldest of its kind in Sheffield.

After having been lovingly refurbished and rejuvenated, it has become a hugely popular destination to unwind and relax after a busy and exciting day.

Sheaf Square

One of the first things you will see if you come to Sheffield by train, Sheaf Square is dominated by two gleaming and huge water features that were created as a tribute to Sheffield’s Steel City roots.

The multi-level waterfall manages to be a multifaceted tributed, homaging not only the Sheffield steel that put the city on the map but also the water power that made its industrialisation possible.

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